The way to see by faith – Some Thoughts on Our Nation’s History

“The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.”
-Benjamin Franklin

One of my favorite quotes… Oh, and would you look at that!? It’s a quote from Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America! Even though Ben Franklin wasn’t an atheist, he rejected the Christian dogma of his time and found his god in nature and rationalism, typical of Enlightenment deists. I find this interesting because so many claim that America is a Christian nation and, by God, we’re a-prayin’ folk!

Well, America was and is home to many Christians, like founding father, John Jay. However, not all of our fearless fathers were Christian. John Adams was a Unitarian. Thomas Jefferson, like Franklin, believed in a deity, but he rejected Christianity as a whole and spoke out against the Catholic church. Jefferson once said, “to talk of immaterial existences is to talk of nothings,” regarding his view of god. James Madison, the “father of the Constitution,” was almost solely responsible for the First Amendment and the laws governing the separation of church and state. And George Washington, though deist, publicly called for people of all faiths (and no faith) to adopt a tolerant mindset that would help Americans feel safe that they could believe or not believe whatever they chose.

So to those who say we are a “Christian” country, perhaps a course or two in history and the humanities will show you the truth about our origins. Americans are everything – Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, Atheist, Wiccan, and Pastafarian. And every single person in this country should be allowed to believe and practice as he or she pleases as long as it does not a) hurt anyone or encroach upon someone else’s right to practice as they please and b) involve government agencies. Involving government agencies, meetings, and the like, only breaks down that which James Madison worked so hard to ensure – freedom of religion. Freedom.

Why is this so difficult for people to understand? Why must those who believe differently than you be the target of such hatred? Can’t we all just friggin’ get along?

One Thought on “The way to see by faith – Some Thoughts on Our Nation’s History

  1. This should be required reading for all that question the validity of the separation of religion & the gov’t.

    I especially liked the link to Madison’s thoughts. Thx for posting.

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