Summertime, baby, yeah!

Just a quick update. I was counting down the days until I didn’t have to wake the girls every morning, get them fed and dressed, and trudge to school in my PJ’s (and sans bra) to get them to school on time. Three days into summer vacation, they were fighting like cats and dogs. It. Was. Insane. I had to play the referee and it was getting old. They’re calming down now, with the novelty of being home together all day wearing off.

I’m enjoying having them home, even though I still have to get work done during the day. But I have fun things planned if this crazy tornado weather would ever give us a break. A new children’s museum opened up nearby, and I’d love to take them there to see what it’s all about. We got a zoo membership, so science activities are well covered. And a favorited family member is officially moving to town today, which includes two cousins/playmates for the kiddos. Super fun.

Anyway, not much is happening in the way of excitement. With school being over, we’re now able to choose who we spend our time with and what people we’re around. It’s been nice to get a break from the religious zealots that dominate our small community and school.

Anyway, if updates are few and far between over the next few months, rest assured I’m spending some quality time with my little freethinkers. I’m immersing them in fun activities, scientific exploration, and some general everyday couch snuggling. 🙂 Happy summer!

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