Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Wants Us to Pray for Rain

That’s right, our lovely right-wing governor is requesting that Oklahomans of “all faiths” stand together in prayer with her to end the drought.

One lovely Tulsa resident was quoted to say, “It’s the bible belt that’s what we do, we pray.” Right, because everyone in Oklahoma is a Christian. Geez, people, have you no sense of what’s around you? Beyond this being a blatant intermingling of church and state, and beyond the fact that rain is controlled by weather patterns and many physically measurable scientific factors, the thing that truly gets me is how oblivious these people are to the fact that not everyone believes the same way they do. As an atheist in Oklahoma, I find this disturbing and frustrating. We cannot control the rain. There are more important things to be concerned about that we can control.

5 Thoughts on “Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Wants Us to Pray for Rain

  1. Fallin is pandering to the Christian vote and following in the footsteps of Texas Governor Perry.


  2. So frustrating, isn’t it!? It would be nice to see a politician in office because of their plans to do some good in the world, rather than because they believe in the invisible man in the sky. :-/

  3. Yes, it is. She pulls something like that and then a few days later does this:

    There you go! Something concrete and logical! This is what we wanted all along: solutions, not a show of giving up and doing something useless.

  4. Crazy woman. At least there’s some kind of brain in her head! 🙂

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