Making Memories at the Grocery Store

My oldest daughter made a comment this morning that reminded me to write today. She was explaining to her younger sister why we were going to the grocery store so early (9:30 am) on a Sunday. She said, “Mommy likes to get all the shopping done before noon because all the church people are in church. That way the store is not crowded.”

I grinned. She knows me so well. We walked into the nearly empty store and both girls exclaimed, “Wow! There’s no one in here! It’s so empty! Cool!!!” And we had a lovely time shopping together. We weren’t rushed. We weren’t in anyone’s way. We just talked about the delicious meals we have planned for the week played together up and down the aisles.

I’ve said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again…Sundays, for us, are all about family time. Memories were made at the grocery store today. Life is so good.

I hope you’re all well!


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