I Can’t Hold My Tongue

But I should. Or should I? I don’t know. Saying what’s on my mind in a public way seems only to lead to frustration, rapid heartbeat, and outbursts of anger all around. I feel very passionately about some things and my opinions are usually rooted in personal experience, beliefs and research. So when something comes up that makes me feel that warm rise of anger in my gut, I am compelled to share my thoughts. I found out this week that even in a “safe” place with people who supposedly believe similarly to me, it’s not exactly safe to share opinion. People will jump on any flaw in order to discredit a person, even if it’s not really a flaw.

It’s necessary to comment on blogs to join the conversation and build links back to my blog, but I’m not so sure I’m comfortable putting myself out there like that just yet. I mean, I’m barely comfortable sharing my new belief system with people I know or with someone face-to-face. Why should I give a stranger the opportunity to make fun of me for putting a word in italics?

I’ll tell you why – because even in the freethinking world there are assholes, and assholes aren’t worth stifling my voice. So, there you have it. Make fun of me, world, for feeling passionately about the need to educate my freethinking children about the religions they will be around as they grow up. Make fun of me for believing that the atheist/agnostic community should stop bashing religion and instead, act with the intelligence and open-mindedness we claim to have. I will continue to share my opinions, both online and off, and will refuse to let pettiness get the best of me. Arguing online is pointless. In the end, someone always ends up looking stupid. It’s not going to be me.

2 Thoughts on “I Can’t Hold My Tongue

  1. Agreed.

    I hope you keep it up. It is important your children be educated about religions. Knowledge about what people believe is important. I wouldn’t want my kids to grow up with out any knowledge of religions and then go to college and be sucked in to Campus Crusade for Christ or something.

    Now I like to do my fair share of bashing religion, but only when it is conflicting with other people’s rights or reality.

  2. By all means, please continue to be another public voice espousing the benefits of constant observation, inquiry and rational thinking!

    I fully agree that it is far better to be a good example for others, that are observant and looking beyond their religious socialization, than it is to bash any persons’ given religion. By bashing religion you only add oxygen to the fire, instead of helping to extinguish the fire.

    By demonstrating that you are every bit as ethical, compassionate and charitable as a religious person, you prove that it is not the religion that makes you a good, moral person. Morality and good are NOT based upon any religion, any more than the USA is based upon any religion. Morality is as morality does and good is as good does. It really is that simple. And you seem to be a decent, ethical and moral person who is just trying to do what seems best for your children. Who can fault you for that with any real justification? Keep on keeping on, you’re doing fine!

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