How to Deal with Religious Bullying and Spiritual Abuse

My oldest daughter, L, is now in the 3rd grade. Recently she brought home a Chick tract, which a girl in her class brought to give everyone in the 3rd grade. The tract is a “comic” designed to appeal to kids and get their attention, turning the story into the story of how to be “saved by Jesus.” Never mind that the school is allowing the tracts to be passed out to the entire grade (and probably the entire school)! That’s a battle I want to fight. But I digress.

L says this girls bugs her regularly because she knows L doesn’t go to church. It turned into bullying in my view when L asked the girl to stop talking to her about it and the girl refused.

I decided to look up the website on the back of the tract for some background information. I won’t post it here, but let’s just say this girl’s dad is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. His website claims that the “power of Jesus” healed his mental illness and it can “do the same for anyone.” Yikes. Shit just got really real.

My husband and I told L to respond like this: “I’m not interested, so please stop talking to me about it.” And if the girl refuses, we’ll take further action. We were clear with L that she should not respond hatefully, nor should she tell the girl that she’s wrong or try to engage in any kind of argument with her. As we often tell her, you can’t argue with stupid. Probably not the nicest way to put it, but just look up a religious Facebook or YouTube comments argument and you’ll understand.

Anyway, it’s been about 2 months since the last time L came home saying that this girl was bothering her, so it sounds like the kid got the point.

The moral of the story? Respond firmly, but kindly. It’s not this little girl’s fault that her dad is pressuring her to bully. But, I hope L can help her understand it’s not ok to do so.

Two posts in one day…I must be coming down with something…*cough*…


One Thought on “How to Deal with Religious Bullying and Spiritual Abuse

  1. Jasmine on March 22, 2016 at 9:07 am said:

    I have the unfortunate situation of living in one of Canada’s few bible belts (yes! They do exist here!) My spouse worked around some pretty hard core evangelicals and word went around that he was an unbeliever. He was given chick tracts all the time (they are considered hate speech and not condoned, but they get around). He wouldn’t read them, just toss them in the back of our van at the end of the day. While grocery shopping one my 8 year old son (hes 11 now) came across one in the backseat and began to read it. Now my son is extremely intelligent for his age and loves math and science. His favourite passtime is watching cosmos with his Grandpa (my Dad). Now, to put it into prespective, my spouse and I don’t tell my son there is no god, we encourage freethinking and curiosity and allow him the resources to come to his own conclusion.
    Anyway back to the chick tract, I was a little unnerved seeing him read it, but allowed as the potential to have a discussion. This particular tract was chicks ” view” on evolution. Anyway we didn’t have the discussion because once completing the tract my son chucked it aside commenting “well, that was the worse comic book I’ve ever read. And the guy who wrote it must not know what evolution is.” I had to laugh.

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