City of Sand Springs Praying to Jesus Before Meetings

What do people not understand about the separation of church and state? It protects not only the non-religious, but also the faithful. It keeps that faith sacred and meaningful. It keeps the various faiths from being overrun by another. It prevents the government from telling a Christian that they must worship Allah, and vice versa. Why must people continue to bring their god into the government? It’s so simple to leave it out, yet people continue to invoke the Christian god before meetings and as a way of solving the difficult problems.

Check out this post by Beau McElhattan on the City of Sand Springs council meetings. Beau wrote an email to the mayor. I think I will do the same. Here’s a video of the prayer “in Jesus’ name.”

Come on, Sand Springs, get god out of the government. Not everyone believes the way you do.

4 Thoughts on “City of Sand Springs Praying to Jesus Before Meetings

  1. Very eloquently said!
    Man, I wish I could write like that! 🙂

    I’ve tried before to explain to people why I do what I do. I never can get it across. I think I will point them to this post from now on.

  2. Why is this an issue? Why does it disturb anyone to hear the name of Jesus, especially when our founding fathers built our constitution upon the Christian faith? These are rhetorical questions, so please do not answer them. I believe it is disturbing for “nonbelievers” to hear the name of Jesus because of the inner reaction it creates – an uncomfortable feeling. I believe each of us is born with an inner knowledge of His presence and all this intellectualization will not erase your conscience…a conscience which acknowledges Him even if your mouth (or your blog) does not.

  3. freudyannslip – this is an issue because it’s the law. Our founding fathers did not build our constitution upon the Christian faith. In fact, many of them were agnostic and atheist. They built our constitution around equal rights for all religions, and that includes the non-religious.

    As a former believer, it is not “disturbing” for me to hear Jesus’ name. What is disturbing to me is how Christians insist that this country was founded on Christianity when that is simply not true. Christian beliefs should not be imposed by the government. Not everyone believes that the Bible is truth. There are around 4200 different variations of religions in the world. To call on one god while conducting a government meeting is quite simply against the law.

    My inner self does not recognize “Him,” but rather a natural and scientific explanation for the universe. In my mind, it’s ok to not know all the answers.

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