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The “Us vs. Them” battle is raging in Washington D.C. and I have to say, it’s frightening on both sides. It should be so simple to decide what is right and what is wrong but so many people don’t seem to understand that right vs. wrong is not the issue here. Our differences seem so broad but really, they’re so simple. It comes down to choice.

I see it much like Dale McGowan writes in Parenting Beyond Belief when he says, “The key distinction is the attitude toward difference.” Our attitudes determine our life stance. The problem I see with some viewpoints is that the choice is taken away. For example, I believe it is wrong to force my children to pray before bedtime, therefore I do not force them to pray. A conservative believes that it is wrong to have an abortion. So, instead of just applying that belief to their own family, they attempt to apply it to everyone. Why not just abstain from abortion in your own family and let the rest of us have the right to choose? If you believe it’s wrong, then so be it. It sucks that abortion has to happen sometimes, but I believe the choice is what’s important. Why must our choices be taken away because of one group’s belief?

It’s frustrating to me that conservatives cannot see how they are stifling our choices. I do not force their children to believe in evolution, so why must they attempt to force my children to pledge allegiance to a god? I will fight that until the day I die.

I’ve never been a minority in my whole life. But I certainly am now, and I recognize the difficulty of life as a minority more and more each day. I know it’s only going to get more difficult as my children get older and start attending elementary school, but I’m preparing myself to fight the good fight. I’ve always been one to stand up for my principles, and standing up for choice is one of the noblest battles I can think of.

So let us be different, for a world where we’re all the same would be incredibly dull. But let us all have the choice to believe and do what we want as long as we aren’t hurting others. After all, this country was not founded on god, but on the freedom to choose to believe whatever we want to believe.